The Fund (by Wes DeMott)

by Wes DeMOTT

Product Details

* Pub. Date: September 2004
* Publisher: Dorchester Publishing Company, Incorporated
* Format: Paperback, 372pp
* ISBN-13: 9780843954463

PRICE : IDR 40.000 (NEW)


Peter Jamison is an aerospace engineer who wants nothing more than to save his contract for a tactical weapons system. But together with his girlfriend, attorney Melissa Corley, he uncovers a crime of corruption, power and violence, a crime that has drawn him into a deadly game he cannot win. And now the stakes are going up. The FBI and the White House are determined to silence him, someone has captured Melissa, and Peter knows the time has come to fight back. Any way he can.

About the author :
Wes DeMott is a former FBI agent and Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) team member. He is able to combine first-hand, insider experience with a natural storytelling talent to create the thriller of the year, a searing novel with the authenticity and immediacy of today’s headlines.


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