The Calling

By Inger Ash Wolfe
371 pages. Harcourt. $24.

Since the commanding officer of the Port Dundas detachment of the Ontario Police Services retired in 1999, Detective Inspector Hazel Micallef has been running the office on an acting basis. Port Dundas is not exactly a high-crime area, as she admits: “Heart attacks, cancer, strokes, a suicide every other year, car crashes: These were death’s stock in trade in the county.” But Hazel, divorced, with a fondness for painkillers and whiskey, is not exactly a crime-fighting powerhouse. Then the mutilated body of Delia Chandler is discovered in town, followed a few days later by the body of a man in Chamberlain, 315 kilometers to the east. Hazel and her officers — including the newly transferred Detective Constable James Wingate — are swept up in the chase for the killer, who is moving across Canada, singling out the terminally ill. Inger Ash Wolfe is a pseudonym. The writer is a “North American literary novelist,” according to the book’s publisher.

Source : The New York Times


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